Xamarin.Forms Build Errors

This post is for me to track issues (and hopefully solutions) to build errors that occur when trying to build and publish apps.


“codesign” exited with code 1

This usually pops up when the certificate or provisioning profile being used to build the app has expired. Check your KeyChain or Apple account and generate a new one.

“codesign” exited with code 3

This is an error message related to the environment configurations. Specifically I had 2 configurations set for Release|iPhone. One had the correct distribution account and profile against it – the other had my developer details. So although the Visual Studio UI showed the distribution details had been selected, the build/archive process was obviously picking up my developer details. [March 2021]


adb operation not permitted

Trying to publish a debug version of an app to a new Android phone running Android 11 I came across the above error. It seems the changes by Android relating to External Storage access have caused a problem with ‘Use Fast Deployment’ https://github.com/xamarin/xamarin-android/issues/4996

I unchecked this option and the app deployed successfully. [March 2021]

Failed to generate Java type for class: Android.Support.V4.View.Accessibility.AccessibilityManagerCompat/ITouchExplorationStateChangeListenerImplementor due to MAX_PATH

The path to your code is too long for Windows! Windows 10 will allow you to now use longer paths, or you can move/rename you project location to make it a bit smaller.



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