Xamarin Forms Converters

I love Converters in Xamarin Forms. They give you a nice, easy way to display something through your XAML based on a value in your binding data. And they are so easy to set up. All converters inherit from IValueConverter and must implement two methods: Convert and ConvertBack.

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Mimicking a modal in Xamarin.Forms

Control Templates are a versatile element in Xamarin Forms. A good description can be found in the Microsoft documentation. Recently I wanted to try and save some screen space on an app where I have some help text that, especially on smaller phones, takes up more room than I would like. Using a Control Template […]

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Xamarin.Forms & a Cheat Flyout

I’ve been brought in to help on a customer app, written in Xamarin Forms. The app is pretty much complete and ready to go live. On the home page, I was asked to add a flyout menu. Normally, a flyout menu would suggest a Master-Detail setup or even the new AppShell, but the app is […]

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Creating Octopus Templates*

*Also known as “how to miss the obvious” I have been doing a lot of work with Octopus lately, as our company has started to use it for automated deployment of projects to our staging and UAT environments. Unfortunately, a lot of live deployments to customers require sending packages for them to deploy, rather than […]

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