Creating Octopus Templates*

*Also known as “how to miss the obvious” I have been doing a lot of work with Octopus lately, as our company has started to use it for automated deployment of projects to our staging and UAT environments. Unfortunately, a lot of live deployments to customers require sending packages for them to deploy, rather than […]

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My First NuGet Package

I’ve been working on a project over the last year that was my first serious use of MVC, Git and Nuget. While I was working on part of the system that allowed users to upload documents I wrote a custom validator that would check the file extension was valid, the file didn’t exceed a maximum […]

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Open cmder from Visual Studio

This blog has been inspired by Rick Strahl’s article Tip: Create a Visual Studio Menu option to Open a Command Window. Rick details how to set up Visual Studio to allow you to open Console2 from a keyboard shortcut within Visual Studio. This is great, but I prefer cmder myself. The setup is very similar to […]

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