Xamarin.Forms Build Errors

This post is for me to track issues (and hopefully solutions) to build errors that occur when trying to build and publish apps. iOS “codesign” exited with code 1 This usually pops up when the certificate or provisioning profile being used to build the app has expired. Check your KeyChain or Apple account and generate […]

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Xamarin Forms Converters

I love Converters in Xamarin Forms. They give you a nice, easy way to display something through your XAML based on a value in your binding data. And they are so easy to set up. All converters inherit from IValueConverter and must implement two methods: Convert and ConvertBack.

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Xamarin.Forms & a Cheat Flyout

I’ve been brought in to help on a customer app, written in Xamarin Forms. The app is pretty much complete and ready to go live. On the home page, I was asked to add a flyout menu. Normally, a flyout menu would suggest a Master-Detail setup or even the new AppShell, but the app is […]

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